Why you should use Snapchat to promote your brand in 2019?

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Heard of Snapchat?

Orange County, CA

Snapchat is new. As a matter of fact, it's the youngest one in the social media lot. But don't let that fool you. They're the trend-setter in the industry, and with over two-thirds of its users being people between 18-34, all the cool kids are on it.

Now, there are a couple of reasons, as to why you might want to consider promoting your brand through Snapchat, and start promoting your brand.


Different - and easier - content game.

Snapchat proved that content doesn’t always have to be evergreen, in order to be engaging. They've started a whole new perspective on content creation as well as content marketing, with their deleted-after-24-hours content model.

This created a new trend among brands who tried to keep up with the change by experimenting with content that was quick, fun, less polished, and more authentic in nature.


Ideal for video content.

With its popular vertical videos having way more completion rate than horizontal videos, Snapchat is ideal for video content creators - and perhaps, everyone that wants to utilize videos - because you don't have to put out planned and polished content. You can just pull out your phone, record a short video (even for 10-20 seconds), and just put it on Snapchat.


Discover new opportunities in location marketing.

Snapchat recently introduced 'Snap Map'; a feature that allows users to share their location with their friends, or access anything that’s happening all over the world.

Snap Map provides a platform for marketers to explore location marketing via Snapchat. Even though  Snapchat hasn't yet offered advertising directly through Snap Map, there are still creative ways for brands to utilize this feature.


A GREAT platform for ads.

Snapchat also launched a self-serve ad management platform, in order to help brands to keep track of their advertising efforts throughout the platform.

It provides marketers with an overview of key metrics, and has introduced new insights that allow brands to experiment with Snapchat advertising. It also takes advantage of the power of vertical video, appealing to Snapchat’s highly engaged audience.

Snapchat’s audiences have a high potential to be extremely useful to marketers. The platform has recently optimized its targeting capabilities with Snap Audience Match, which allows brands to use their own data from other platforms – i.e., email addresses, mobile device IDs, etc. – to target existing audiences on the platform.

What's more, the ad management platform makes it easy to monitor a campaign’s performance in real-time, and decide whether it’s effective by focusing on various thing, such as reach, resonance, reaction, etc.

Because of Snapchat’s analytics can certainly provide the evidence to justify ROI through the app, it’s no surprise that many marketers were very happy to see them introduced.



Snapchat was certainly among the most-discussed social networks of 2016. Now, with its top rivals - Facebook and Instagram - are 'borrowing' its most successful features, making Snapchat, a 'trend-setter' in the industry. Marketers are actively exploring how to integrate the platform into their marketing strategies, hoping to benefit from its consistent growth.

If you're not utilizing this amazing platform to promote your brand, you're missing out on a lot of attention, business, and sales.