Stop wasting money on TV, radio, and traditional channels, and consider digital marketing



Orange County, California

Do you know what the most overpriced marketing channels are?

TV, and radio.

They were a bit hit when it was their time. Back then, they were the only media outlets, alongside the newspaper - and rumors, of course - and together, they dominated the whole advertising industry. They were able to justify the heavy advertising fees they charge, simply because all the eyeballs and ears of the mass general were onto them. So, it actually made sense to use those platforms to advertise.

But now, the numbers don't add up. People actually resent watching TV and listening to the radio. With people becoming increasingly busy with every passing day, no one wants to watch not listen to 5-10 minutes of “sponsors' messages” in between their favorite shows and programs.

That's why paid subscription model actually works.

People want their attention only onto the things that they trust.

That's why people choose YouTube over TV. I mean, YouTube isn't free of ads, but still, watching 5-second-ad is way better than watching a 5-minute-ad. The same reason drives people towards Netflix, because they want to watch their favorite shows, whenever they want, from wherever they want, however they want, without a random ad interrupting every 10 minutes.

Also, with traditional channels, you can't target people according to specific parameters. Your ad is going to be seen or heard by whoever happens to watch / listen to it at that moment, and they might not even be your ideal customer. But guess what? You have to pay for that.

Waste of money, if you ask me.

Not to mention that you can't actually know how many people actually watch that TV channel or listen to that radio channel, let alone how many saw your ad. So you can't actually calculate your ROI, which is actually a fancy way of saying you're wasting money without even knowing what you're wasting it on.

But, with digital marketing, you don't have those cons. You can always find out how many people actually visit, and stay active on any platform, within any time period. Also, you can know how many watched, listened, or saw your ad, so you can calculate the ROI.

Not to mention you can actually target people using various methods, so that you can be very much assured that your ad is going to be seen by your ideal customers, which affects the ROI in a very positive way.

And on top of all this, there's another thing, that's the icing AND the Cherry on top of this.

It's way cheaper to advertise on the internet, than on traditional channels. WAY cheaper.

Also, if you don't have a big budget to run a campaign for weeks and months, you can set something up to suit your budget, and you'd still get results, because your ad is only shown to the people who match the persona of your ideal customers anyway.

So, you didn't waste any money.

If you're still spending your hard-earned money on traditional advertising methods like TV, radio, and newspapers, and not on digital marketing, then you need to STOP right NOW, and take a reality check.

Just do it for a week.

You'll see a BIG difference.