Car dealerships need to get on social media ASAP

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Social media ideas for car dealerships

Orange County, CA

If you own a car dealership, you know that it's very easy to lose customers. They have a ton of options available at any given time.

There are a lot of dealerships in almost any place. On top of that, most dealerships offer home delivery, which means a customer in Dallas, don't have to go all the way to a dealership in LA, to get an all new sports car. He can just pick the car, and order home delivery.

Some even order vehicles, all the way from overseas.

So, does this mean that you can't make money as a dealership?

No. It's actually the opposite.

You can make a TON of money because of this.

Let me tell you how.

First, a couple of things to consider.

People buy vehicles. Of all the people who buy vehicles, a majority buy a new vehicle frequently. Among them, are the collectors, who are very loyal to brands.

Some people buy vehicles, but with less frequency.

And a majority of the people have more than a couple of vehicles.

So, there's already a big pie, and guess what?

It keeps growing every year, as the population keeps growing.

But how do you get that piece of the pie?

By going all-in on social media. 

Look. There's already a massive amount of people on each of the top social media platforms.

Have you seen how many videos about automobiles on social media?


Do you know how many views they get?

Hundreds of thousands, and even MILLIONS - each!

That's how you tap into the automobile market on social media.

All you have to do is to get in front of their eyes, by creating content around your business - or in this case - your dealership.

The content you put can be in text, audio, and/or video forms. You can start writing short form articles on Facebook. You can start a weekly podcast, and share it on Spotify, Twitter, etc. You can start a YouTube channel, and post videos every week. You can video an introduction of a new model of a vehicle, and put it on Instagram. You can even go live on Instagram and YouTube for that event.

And, in case you were wondering about what type of content you can put out there;

It can be anything related to automobile industry.

You can write about '10 features you can have when you're buying a brand new X', or '5 paid upgrades for X - that won't break the bank - that are absolutely worth it'.

You can invite a key decision maker in your franchise in to the podcast, and ask talk with them about 'how automobile manufacturers can contribute to reducing environmental pollution' or put out some teasers for the next model in line.

You can collaborate with a local body shop and do a video about 'killer bodyworks for the latest X model'.

Also, you and a customer can take one of the cars in the shop for a spin, record the whole thing, and put it on Instagram and YouTube.

Basically, you can put out content about anything you can think of, as long as it's relevant to the industry.

Think about it.

All the major automobile companies put out content in a major way. They have branded and verified accounts and profiles. They have video and designing teams that create graphics and videos about their vehicles.

And they get millions of views for their content too.

So why can't you do the same?