Do professionally shot videos perform better than videos filmed on a phone and not professionally edited?

Do professionally shot videos perform better than videos filmed on a phone and not professionally edited?

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There's no argument that professional videos give the viewers a smooth experience, and thus, they tend to favor them more. Even though the parameters of 'professionally filmed and edited videos' are being changed dramatically.


Some time ago, the videos that were recorded by smartphones were of poor quality. They were only good for homemade videos, and sudden on-the-spot recordings.


But times have changed now. Now, phones come with HD, Full HD, and 4K recording qualities. While it's not recommended to use the highest video quality, all the time, you can still record a video with a good quality that will match the quality of a professional video camera.


Not to mention that more and more gear are available for people, so that their mobile videos can be improved in many forms. An example can be those external lenses that can be used to capture wide angle videos, and fish-eye effect.


You'd be surprised to know that a lot of YouTubers record their videos and vlogs using just their phones to capture the videos.


With all this new tech, you don't even have to edit the videos. You can literally just take your phone out, record a video, and upload it. I've seen a lot of videos like that that have went viral. 


Do you think all those travel vloggers who get millions of views use professional gear? Do you think they go from place to place, country to country, with a bunch of massive camera gear, and a half a dozen crew?


No, and they don't.


The only thing that you need to pay extra attention to is the context of the videos. I mean, no one wants to watch a video that doesn't give them any value, or doesn't arouse any emotions in their minds, right? People are far too busy for that.


YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other place that hosts videos, don't take the quality of the video into account. They only care about the user engagements with that video. If the video is getting more views, no matter what quality the video is, it's going to get promoted and featured.


Most of the time, many users don't watch videos in their high-quality versions anyway. They just want to consume whatever is in those videos.


Also, you need to pay attention to the audio of the video. If you're narrating, make sure that your voice can be heard without much effort, and it's clear. But you don't have to use studio-grade sounds either.


The reason for that is that the experience of the viewers need to be smooth in at least one way. And you have to make sure that your message can be clearly comprehended.


So, make sure your videos contain enough value, and make sure the audio is good enough. Then, you've got nothing to worry about.