5 Linkedin marketing strategies for 2019

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Ever heard of Linkedin?

Orange County, CA

LinkedIn holds the crown as the #1 social media platform for professionals to network, connect, engage, and grow their businesses and brands. Whether you work for a company or yourself, LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B connections, leads and sales. I have compiled the top 5 LinkedIn marketing tips for the start of 2019.


1. Gain more exposure by posting updates more frequently.

You can never have too much content. Especially on LinkedIn.

You have 1,300 characters available to you on a personal LinkedIn post. Luvky for you, as it turns out, at least in this case, the longer is better.

In fact, some people have reported their long-form updates receive 10 times more visibility than a short post or link to an article.

Every time you publish a post or article on LinkedIn, the algorithm determines how your content shows up in the feed and how far of an audience it reaches. So, the more it contains the characteristics of a great post, the wider the reach, since LinkedIn wants what's best for their users anyway.


2. Upload native video content. If you're already doing it, do it more.

If you don't already know; video is vital.

Especially when it comes to native video. Like almost all of the other social media networks who want to keep you on their platform for as long as possible, LinkedIn favors native video over links to external videos.

Native video is 5x more likely than any other types of content to start a conversation among your connections and network. Video posts are quickly becoming the best way to drive engagement.


3. Always help out, and provide value to others.

Those who demonstrate real caring, and who are authentic in helping others, build mutually beneficial relationships, that results in more long-term opportunities.

Not only that, you also position yourself as someone with knowledge, experience, resources and I think also as a leader. As a leader your team along with internal and external customers are attracted to those who demonstrate real caring to be helpful.

As John Hall, CEO and author of Top of Mind, says "helpfulness is not a science; it’s a personal, intimate practice".

Here's a partial list of his best helpfulness practices.

●      Share Knowledge – When you offer someone useful information, you’re providing a real form of currency.

●      Connect People with What They Value – This requires active listening to uncover what someone values. In business, offering unhelpful information can cost you credibility and weaken your relationships.

●      Share Resources – This could be resources your company has invested in that may be idle or other resources that you know could help someone else.

●      Make People Aware of Opportunities – Whenever you hear of an opportunity – whether in the form of a potential partnership, an exciting event or a journalist looking for industry contacts. Connecting the people in your network to these strategic opportunities generates trust and goodwill.


4. Utilize Saved Searches & get leads delivered to your inbox.

If you have refined your ideal customer title and want to know when new people with that title fall into your criteria, simply click on ‘Create a search alert’ and save your search. LinkedIn then emails you any new people with your search criteria directly to your inbox. You can manage your search alerts from the same area.

Also, if you subscribe to LinkedIn’s sales navigator tool, you have the ability to save your searches within the program. I find this feature is highly unused by free account holders.


5. Run ads against your target audience using your content.

No specifically designed ads or banners. No recorded videos. Just use your already published content.

It'd be 10x better if it's video content, for the reasons we've nentioned at the beginning of this article.

Don't try to sell them anything. Don't ask them for anything. Just provide value, straight up.

When the content you promote is helpful and valuable to your target audience, you'll be positioned as an expert in the matter, and you'll develop your LinkedIn network into a high value one, since a lot of peope will be wanting to connect with you, and engage with your content.

The key to success for your 2019 LinkedIn marketing will be engagement - especially, beyond the typical niceties of a thumbs up, thanks, congrats, great job, nice. They really aren’t that meaningful.