Get more leads using Facebook messenger ads

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Facebook Messenger is stronger than ever

Orange County, CA

There are BILLIONS of users for social media platforms, every month. 


You might think that's good news, but it's not. Not for us, anyway.


Because as the user base increases, the number of advertisers for that platform also goes up.

It's only natural. Advertisers go where the people hang out the most.

That means there are millions of advertisers as your competition, on top of the hundreds - if not thousands - of them within your niche.

Thanks to Messenger Ads, now you can literally create a conversation, and engage in dialogue with your target audience, using the Facebook's Messenger app with 1.2+ billion users, as a delivery platform for your ads.

Messenger Ads have been available since Facebook announced it in 2016, calling them as "an unprecedented opportunity to use amazing targeting capabilities and reach, of the new Facebook news feed".

Despite the name, Messenger Ads aren't actually a specific type of ad. You can't select 'Messenger Ads' as a format.

It's an ad destination; a place where the people who engage with your ads can visit. Such as your squeeze pages, opt-in pages, etc.

Messenger Ads are designed as a one-click way to start a conversation with your potential customers, giving a much more effective way than to direct them to a chat feature, or get in touch with you using your contact details.

There are 2 ways you can utilize Messenger Ads.

1. You can use Messenger as a destination for your news feed ads.

This is the most common type of Messenger Ads. The call to action of the news feed ad is not for a landing page or anything else, but to a new chat window on either the Messenger mobile app, or on desktop. From there, a prospect can start a conversation with you.

You can use Messenger chat bots to ‘outsource’ the conversation, but I’d suggest you put an actual human in place, because people only do business with other people. Not robots.


2. You can send sponsored messages to the people who already have engaged with your brand on Messenger.

These sponsored messages can be delivered right into your prospects' DM inbox. You might think it's pretty cool - and it actually is - but there's a catch. You can only target the people who have interacted with your brand in the past, on Messenger app. Which means, you can't send messages to cold leads (aka the people who aren't aware of your brand) with this.

Facebook recommends news feed ads to kickstart your ad campaign, and to capture new (rather cold) leads, and to later use sponsored messages, when the leads are warm enough, so that you can easily convert them.

Also, you can use sponsored messages to reconnect with users who have abandoned their carts, etc. You can send them a coupon this way.

Important - Messenger Ads are least effective when targeting cold audiences due to the higher level of commitment required to engage with the ad, compared to other campaign objectives like video views, or traffic.

Instead, use them in the middle of your funnel to target warm leads, or at the bottom of your funnel to target your hot leads. That's where Messenger Ads are most effective, because you're targeting the most responsive audiences due to their engagement with you.

When used correctly, Messenger Ads can be cornerstone campaign type that'll help you convert your prospects to paying clients.