How to market your dental practice using ClickFunnels?

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Dentist you need Clickfunnels for your business

Orange County, CA

If you're a dentist, you might think that online marketing is none of your concerns, because, well, it's online. 

Make no mistake. Online marketing will serve you, no matter what your profession is. As the world becomes digital with each passing day, it's become more of a requirement - and less optional - to have a decent online presence. 

In fact, you can bet anything, that your potential prospects are online at this moment, researching dental offices to find the one that fits their needs and provides high quality services.

If you're not putting yourself and your services in front of them, not only you're leaving a ton of money on the table, you're doing them a disservice.

Anyhow, in this article, we'll discuss best online marketing practices for dentists to use within their marketing and sales funnels, in order to grow their practice, as well as how ClickFunnels technology can help it.

1. Provide original content.

A great way to always stand out from your competition is to provide valuable, engaging, and original content, within your dental office sales funnels. 

You can start creating content in whatever form you're comfortable, for starters, whether it's written, graphic, audio, or video. 

The key here, is to provide value for the reader. 

Also, make sure your content is easy to digest, broken up into short paragraphs and/or bullet points, has a strong call-to-action, and is proofread, before you publish and promote them.  

You can also create content on industry related websites, blogs, social media pages, in order to attract visitors and leads for your funnel. Guest posting is a great way to begin with.

2. SEO Optimize for local level.

If you have a clinic, or an office, you should also target local keywords related to your business. Be it your paid, or organic strategy. 

By utilizing local SEO, you can help direct those in your community, to your dental practice when they search by location. 

For instance, you can insert local keywords, such as “Denver Dentist” into your funnels and ads. 

Also, utilize Google My Business service, to list your clinic or office in your area. This will further enhance your online presence. 

Furthermore, Facebook has a built-in map card feature, that you can share with your target prospects, including address, hours of operation, and directions.

3. Display social proof to increase credibility and trustworthiness. 

When it comes to marketing your dental clinic or office, it’s all about establishing trust and credibility. 

Patient recommendations and reviews play a major role in your practice, so it’s important for you to collect patient reviews and create a space in your landing pages and funnel for potential prospects to see them. 

Those reviews, or social proof, helps instill trust in your brand, and ultimately, can motivate people to make an appointment at your practice. 

Also, you should create social posts using recent reviews you’ve received. Encourage your patients to share their reviews on their personal platforms, helping expand your reach. 

Make sure you're taking the time to thank patients for leaving a review and maybe even offer an incentive, such as a promo code, so that you can gather even more reviews.

4. Utilize and optimize Facebook ads.

Speaking of social media channels, Facebook ads are a digital marketing tool every dental office should be using. 

It’s through Facebook ads that you can expand to your target prospects and see results to your sales funnels. 

Facebook ads offer a variety of ad types, however, the best ads to utilize as a dental practice include video and photos. This will help build value for your brand.

These tips will help you position yourself as a credible brand, and will get you more than a decent amount of leads.