How to crowdfund using Facebook and Instagram ads?



Orange County, CA

Crowdfunding has become really popular in the last half a decade or so, and it'll only keep getting more popular in the future.

But, even though the concept of crowdfunding is very attractive, and serve great causes, there must be a 'crowd', for this to work. To have a crowd, the campaign not only must be shared, but also should be compelling, and persuasive. 

The easiest, and probably the only effective way to do this is to use Facebook and Instagram ads. It's because you can reach a wider, and highly targeted audience, in a short amount of time, with a bearable budget.

But, just promoting the link to the campaign page, or putting out a couple of pictures isn't going to be enough. 

There are thousands of active crowdfunding campaigns, ranging from planet-saving, to helping victims, to helping a person pay their medical bills, to even investment opportunities.

But not all of them succeed.

You know why?

Because they don't SELL IT...

Writing a Facebook post and putting a bunch of pictures isn't going to be enough, if you want to achieve your goal.

You need video content, that showcase the purpose of the crowdfunding campaign well enough.

Note: If you think you're going to need expensive footage - because stock videos are anything but compelling - you're wrong. You can create a more-than-decent promo video using just a bunch of pictures, if you know what you're doing. So, either know what you're doing, or hire someone who does. Don't worry about the money. It's worth it.

Also, put the faces of the people in your campaign on the promo material.

You know why The Ocean Cleanup Project is a MASSIVE success? 

Because of its founder, Boyan Slat, and his team. They put his face (and theirs) out there, along with their message. HE presented ideas. Not some voice-over.

And, don't worry. You don't have to do Ted talks, and UN conferences to achieve this. Just a couple of video messages will suffice.

Combine all this, and run ads (even one) using them, and you'll have an unstoppable crowdfunding campaign, provided that you're doing it for a probable cause.

Oh, and remember to target your audience (of your ad) according to the categories, the values, and other criteria of your campaign. If you don't target it properly, you'll probably just waste the money.