Why do fitness gyms need to run Facebook ads?


Fitness owners out there, give it a read

Orange County, CA

The first thing that'll pop into your head after seeing this may be;

"Why do gyms need to run ads on Facebook? What for? What's the gain in there? What's the ROI?"

Here's the thing.

Social media marketing isn't like Google ads.

SMM focus on long-term performance, while Google ads are catered for a quick sale.

So, with running ads on social media - particularly on Facebook - you're playing the long-term game by giving your social media content a boost, which will get followers for your gym, fans for your team members, including yourself.


It's got way more potential than almost any other advertising method.

And, on top of that, you might get a chance to land deals from different brands in the fitness niche.

How about that? 


If you're quite strapped in your budget, you can even use this ad campaign to sell some low-ticket physical (or even virtual) products, so that you can get the money you spent on ads.

This tactic is actually have been / being used by a lot of small businesses, who don't think they can afford the extra spending. 

If you can come up with enough money to spend on a long-term ad campaign, you can tap into another target audience too. If your gym is in a city (or a town) with some tourist attraction, you can target the travelers who drop by near your place, as long as they fit the main target audience.

You can hook them up with your ads, and get them to check out your content, so that they know your gym is a real deal, and if you're playing your cards right, you'll get their business.

Then, if you want to, you can get them to mention your gym on social media by tagging it, with a selfie, or even a piece of content, and sharing it with their audience.

There's a lot of things that you could do with Facebook ads, that'll ultimately get you more business, as well as promote you, and your gym's name.

You just have to trust the process, and take the plunge.