Why medical industry needs Clickfunnels to get more clients?

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Medical field businesses need to use Clickfunnels to get more leads

Orange County, CA

If you're a professional (dentist, plastic surgeon, specialist, etc.), or a business owner (MedSpa, aesthetics offices, etc.)  in the medical industry, have you ever thought of using Clickfunnels?

Well, if you don't already know, it's a possibility. It's always been a possibility.

In fact, a growing number of professionals in the medical industry are using Clickfunnels to bring in more leads, and expand their clientele.

A sales funnel is a marketing tool that helps you drive prospects from one step to another in a consistent, systematic way, until that prospect makes a purchase decision and goes from being a prospect to a customer.

Not only that will increase your clientele, but also, it'll allow you to expand your reach as an expert.

For example, if you want to use the simplest funnel, all you have to do is offer something valuable, in exchange for their email address. It doesn't always have to be a 25-page eBook. You can even show them a free video of you talking about some newly-found illness, giveaway a list of home remedies, or even give them a discount for your services, in exchange for their email address.

In fact, many clinics are having GREAT success with...

“New Patient Wellness Package: Exam and 3 Adjustments for $79” 

Usual value $399, an 80% discount!

Now, you might think, "how can I make a profit from just $79?" 

Here's the thing. With a sales funnel, the money isn't in the offer. It comes later. A sales funnel is a long-term strategy. Its objective is to turn cold leads into loyal, long-term clients.

Besides, the discount is a one-time thing. If you make a good first impression, they will come back, and/or they'll recommend you to their peers. Maybe even give you a good review. 

Apparently, word of mouth is still one of the greatest lead generation method. 

And since they gave you their email in exchange for the offer, you can later send emails that are valuable to them, showcasing your expertise, and showing them how valuable and useful your services are for them.

Also, you can get to know your customers more deeply by using email automation. Even though it's an advanced technique, it has a good ROI.

All this can be easily set up with Clickfunnels, due to its advanced nature over the other funnel service providers.

With Clickfunnels, there’s no lead leakage. Your prospect is “funneled” to a buying decision automatically. Meanwhile you get back to running your practice instead of baby-sitting your website.

Obviously for this to work successfully you’ll need to be able to deliver an excellent experience in your practice when people visit you for the first time to take up your initial offer package. And you need to have the ability to turn people into repeat patients. But any successful professional, or a business owner understands this already, and has no problem delivering great quality care and creating long term, high value patients.