Content is king if you want to rank high on Google, and to get more business

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Why is Content so Important?

Orange County, California

We're in the era of content. There's so many content released into the internet every single day, in many forms.

Yet, at the same time, many businesses don't produce content at all, while about the same number of businesses don't produce enough content.

Why is content this much important?

Simple. Traffic.

You see, with the Google and YouTube - the 2 biggest search engines on the internet, we've opted to just do a search when we want to know something. We do that, because we perceive (and know) that it's way more reliable, and faster than any other source. The reason for this, is because there's content on the internet, so that the search engine bots, spiders don't come empty handed during their regular crawls.

See, for a search engine to work, there must be enough content.

And every single day, more and more search terms are being invented. Say, for example, a new cutting-edge robot was invented, and its name is EXOBOT. Now, obviously, people start to search this term, and consume the content available under the term. Among them, are researchers, critiques, knowledge-hungry geeks and nerds, content creators for open-source media as well as traditional media, etc. All of these people do extensive searches, and try to find the highest quality content from the most reliable source.

So, if the demand of the quality content in mass numbers isn't met in an immediate way, repeatedly so, people are going to drift away from the said search engine, towards a better one.

That's where your businesses come in. If you can create content to meet the ever increasing demand, in a consistent flow, more and more people are going to click your links and visit your website. This increases your website's brownie points (metaphor) with the search engine, and it starts to 'favor' your content, if the brownie points keep getting add up.

This results in more and more searches, and thus increasing the page rank, Alexa rank, and other industry standard indicators.

Not to mention that with all this, you're going to end up in other people's content, and almost always, they're going to link up to you, and that too, is going to increase your website's rankings, way up.

Not just this, but also there's an added bonus.

See, it's not just knowledge that people seek on search engines. For example, when we want to go see an architect about building a cutting edge, green home, we tend to search it and find out who's the best in it.

Now, suppose you used Google to find an architect in your area, and you have 2 different architects (for the sake of this example) to choose from. One has produced so many content about eco-friendly homes that are self-sufficient with latest tech, and the other one just has a website, a portfolio, and a contact method.

Now, who you're going to choose.

Obviously, it's the person who has produced content.

Because we can see they know their craft. I mean, anyone can write an article or two about something. But to produce at least a couple of dozen articles, you really have to know the thing.

So, ultimately, producing enough content in a consistent basis, will not only elevate your Google rank and other rankings, but also, it'll bring in more business too.