How can a podcast boost your business and brand?

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Do you have a podcast?

Orange County, CA

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing content types, that shows no signs of slowing down. Even though podcast has been around for more than a decade, they bloomed into a great way to do marketing in 2014, when popular podcasts such as 'Serial', attracted the attention of a mobile population.

After that, podcasts became so popular, that the big companies were willing to bet on them to engage their target customers - meaning they started running sponsorships on podcasts, in order to gain both awareness and leads.

However, not everyone have the resources to commission a branded podcast series by established podcasters, or even a mention on a popular podcast. The next best thing, then, is to launch your own podcast to build your brand.

Now, podcasts aren't that much different from blogs, if you think about it.  The idea behind both mediums is to present information that your target audience wants or needs, and develop a relationship with them at the same time. You also use a certain tone to express your personality and establish a rapport with your audience.

The biggest advantage of podcasts over blogs is that the audience prefers audio-based entertainment. They can do other things while listening, which they can’t really do while reading.

Not just that. There's a lot of reasons behind 'why you should start a podcast'. Here are some of them.


1. Podcasts help you form a more personal connection with your customers.

Your blog, your email marketing campaigns, the copy on your website, the content you post on your social media platforms, are all an attempt to connect, and build a rapport with your target audience.

But none of them have the key element offered by podcasts - which is the 'human voice'.

The human brain is wired to be sensitive to the human voice and the emotions it expresses, which makes speaking directly into the ears of your customers, one of the most powerful and personal ways to communicate with them. 

Also, a podcast can give the listener a much more authentic feel, and individuality of your brand, and can create a more intimate connection with customers.


2. The number of people who listen to podcasts is growing.

According to a recent report by Edison Research, the number of people listening to podcasts has more than doubled over the past decade. In 2018, 44% of Americans (approximately 124 million) have listened to a podcast, 26% (73 million) listen to podcasts monthly, and 17% (48 million) listen to podcasts every week.

And the people who listen to podcasts are tuning in even more—Edison Research found that podcast listeners consumed an average of seven different podcasts each week, a 40% increase over 2017.


3. People who listen to podcasts are extremely engaged.

Most fans of podcasts aren't just casual listeners, and of those who start a podcast episode, 80% listen to all of it, or at least most of it.

Given that most podcasts range from 15 minutes to an hour, that means podcast listeners will spend a lot more time listening to your voice in a podcast than they will reading your words in a blog.

Not to mention that according to analysis by Chartbeat, most online readers only scroll about 60% through an online article before losing interest, and one common statistic claims that 55% of readers spend only 15 seconds or even less, on an article.

So, given these benefits, it'd be extremely beneficial for your brand or business to start a podcast of its own, and start delivering content for your target audience.