Why is the word 'FREE' the best word to use to get more clients or sales?


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Orange County, CA

What's the best way to approach a prospect, or a potential lead?

See, this is a question, that most marketers, sales people, business owners, and the like always ponder over. Some even lose sleep because of it? 

Yet, it's so simple, and rather obvious. 

Offer value upfront.

Give them something.

That's where the word 'FREE' comes in.

People don't just 'like' free stuff. They 'LOVE' them. They 'prefer' them.

So, if you can just provide something valuable upfront, solve one (or more) of their problems, fill their need(s), with no strings attached, you'll get the attention of some, and if what you offer is (more than) good enough, they'll spread the word about it. They'll write articles, social posts, comments, and live videos social media about it. Even if it's 'just good enough', you'd still win regardless.

Do you have any idea how many people download those free eBooks when they stumble upon one?

A lot. 

Don't get me wrong. Not all of the people who are going to receive your value will become your customers, or do business with you.

That's not your fault, nor theirs, or anybody else's.

That's just the way it is.

So, it's on you to make sure that whatever you're giving away, is promoted on a consistent basis, until you've hit your target(s).

You just want to get the word 'out there' about your business / brand. You want to create the buzz.


You won't be on the Wall St. Journal, or NYT, or The Guardian for this. You won't be on CNBC for this. That rarely happens. There won't be any subreddits, dedicated to your brand. (Unless you create one by yourself, that is)


It's a start. You have to offer so much value upfront, that people will feel guilty about taking it so selfishly. They'll start talking about you in other top subreddits in your niche.

But, to make this actually work, you have to make sure that,

a) you're providing a lot of value.

b) you're giving it to the people who are going to appreciate it.

c) you have to promote it among the people you want to do business with.

And if you can't afford to give that much of value away for free, always target the mid-tier influencers. It's the sweet spot for this. Trust me, I'm speaking from my own experience.

Offering value upfront for free, is one of the best long-term strategies that anyone can use to get their foot through the door. It's timeless.