5 Digital Marketing Skills to master in 2019

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Do you have these 5 skills?

Orange County, CA

As a digital marketer, you have to have a rather diverse skill set, in order to make your job - as well as other people's jobs - easier. Considering the continual evolution of the smartphone (which you might be reading this article on) or how voice assist is revolutionizing search; not to mention the cloud, machine learning and more, learning more and deep about digital marketing, it's required.

Therefore, here are 5 vital skills needed for a digital marketer to be successful in 2019.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Skills. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entails having the appropriate knowledge of how to increase awareness in search engines as well as driving traffic and increasing organic ranking with the goal of generating leads and sales. 

SEO is very important, because every brand, business, company NEED to have at least a decent amount of visibility in search results. So knowing how you can optimize SEO, will pay you in both short term, and the long term.

And now, due to the rise of the Google search engine, it is now more important than ever to rank as high as you can on the first page, because of the ever-growing sheer amount of users going to Google first to find questions to their problems.

What you have to understand is, that keyword implementation is no longer enough for search engine optimization. You need to go deeper than that.


2. Content Creation Skills. 

Content is used to educate, attract, engage, and influence people to help align them with your business goals, and it’s a part of every medium that consumers use on the web.

Creating content is a major aspect of digital marketing. Blog posts, advertisements, images, text, animations, emails, videos, presentations, and eBooks are all types of content. 

Therefore, if you want to raise your skill set as a digital marketer you must be excellent at creating written content and marketing it. As a matter of fact, over 72% of marketers have a content strategy and say they experience better results by following it.

You need to be able to carry out keyword research, write efficiently, and be able to test and track what your audience is responding to. These skills will assist you in distributing and producing quality content around services and products as well as increase brand awareness.

In the very least you must know how to create content around a product or service that educates consumers about your business and why they need it.


3. UX Design Skills 

User Experience or UX is used to optimize the experience of customers. It revolves around the behavioral study of the decisions customers make and how it can improve the user experience by recognizing the behavior of customers and relating back to them in hopes that they will make a purchase.

Ultimately, User Experience (UX) helps deliver memorable moments and invoke emotional support from users.

With UX, you can pinpoint the factors on your platform via an app or website that can positively influence the reaction of customers, and then use them to increase their retention rate, improve lead generation and increase sales.

UX is the extra step that crowns your other digital marketing efforts to lead to success. With the other skills, it may be hard to identify why customers are not buying your product, but with the appropriate knowledge in User Experience, you can identify the cause of the problem and fix it.


4. Strategic and Analytical Thinking Skills

Strategic skills, planning, and organization are the foundation and framework of any digital marketer as these traits assist you to effectively prioritize your projects as well as measure their progress.

The ability to objectively focus in on methods that work and let go of the ones that don’t is key to success, and it all comes from possessing quality strategic skills.


5. Videography Skills

95% of Gen Z uses YouTube, while 50% say they can’t live without it.

72% of people would rather use video than text to learn about a product or service. 59% of executives say that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they’ll likely choose video

Video is possibly the fastest growing and most influential tool you can leverage to generate leads and subsequent sales. It’s also a major factor in recruiting efforts.

It’s not just the Generation Z that’s using video, it’s everyone. Industries are specifically leveraging this form of media. Video production needs to be part of your marketing budget now, as well as in the future, as studies indicate its use will only continue to rise as a preferred way of digesting content. Now, not every video has to be studio quality, but for product demonstrations, company highlights and recruiting videos, you’ll definitely want to invest in professional production that puts your best foot forward.