Top 5 ideas for best ecommerce conversion


Top 5 ideas for best ecom conversion

Orange County, CA

Did you know that there are more than 1.3 million e-commerce websites, all over the world?

Well, now you know.

Given that the average conversion rate is around 1-2%, you have a tough competition on your hand.

How do you come out on top?

Here's the thing;

It's all about how you convince the visitors to buy FROM YOU.

And, you only have one shot at that.

So, you HAVE TO make it count.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go all in on product descriptions.

Don't be lazy.

Include multiple pictures of a product. The more, the merrier. Maybe even a video, either from the manufacturer, or a product review from an authority brand will be just perfect.

Make sure that the product description is a thorough one. Also, include a brief FAQ section for each product. 

2. Optimize the cart and checkout process.

If you don't make it easy to find the cart / checkout, chances are, the visitors won't bother to find it. So, make sure the cart and the checkout buttons are shown clearly, nice and bright. 

Make checkout an easy one. Don't ask the visitors to fill a lot of fields. You can always collect that information, after they've converted. Also, make sure to include a progress bar, so the visitors know that the checkout process isn't longer, and where they are.

Oh, and offer the ability to checkout as a guest.

3. Utilize cart abandonment software, combined with free shipping offers and coupons.

Did you know?

69.23% of online shoppers abandon their carts!

Imagine if you could convert at least 1% of them...

You'd DOUBLE your average conversion rate.

That’s why you shouldn’t disregard cart abandonments. The fact that they added even a single item to a cart, means that they can be converted.

Remember to use free shipping offers, and limited time coupons as incentives.

4. Allow (and ask) customers to review the products.

One of the things that people are drawn to Amazon is because its reviews.

Not only on Amazon, but also all over the internet, the yellow / golden stars, and what's written with them, can - and do - affect the visitors and customers.

Make sure to follow up with customers after they've confirmed the delivery of their purchases, and ask them to write a review of the product(s).

5. Personalize the UX by Google Optimize. 

According to a recent study, 45% of small and medium sized businesses don't optimize their websites using A/B testing. The 2 most common reasons they gave were,

a) the lack of employee resources.

b) the lack of knowledge to get started.

If this is the case for you, the Google Optimize is for you. Built on top of Google Analytics, you can use its data to design experiments and improve the online experience for your visitors.

Running an e-commerce business is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to converting visitors into buyers, and repeat customers.

With what I've just taught you, you can break the ice between your visitors and the shop, and unconsciously 'convince' them to buy from you