10 content strategy ideas for 2019

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What you need to know about content strategy in 2019

Orange County, CA

Your marketing and lead generation strategies aren't going to be very effective, unless you’re willing to give back. By giving back, we meant value, for your audience. Most of the time, it's information, but it doesn't necessarily have to be.

In this article, we're going to show you 10 ways to create / present content and  provide value for your audience.


1. Monthly Email Newsletters.

You can still capture the attention of prospects, who aren’t quite ready to commit to buying your products and services, by offering a monthly email newsletter option. This way, you can continue to nurture them, and turn them into hot leads, while keep entertaining and/or educating them as well.


2. Showcasing Your Company.

Create brand loyalty among your audience and prospects, who are seriously considering purchasing from your company, by putting your company in the direct spotlight. This also further cements the brand loyalty among your existing customers. Create a list of facts, stats, and quotations that showcase how great your company is, from your team’s weekend volunteering efforts, to your CEO’s affinity for funny hats.


3. Resources Round-Up.

Have you ever considered running a document full of valuable resources about your niche, across the best industry publications, blogs, websites, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards?

It’s not just a valuable resource for your content strategy. Putting the resources list through basic design can turn it into a content offer for your brand website.


4. Kits.

Repackaging your existing content can be a best content strategy practice, especially if you’re dealing with eBooks or whitepapers, that aren’t performing particularly well. HubSpot Consultant Shaun Pinney recommends packaging whitepapers, webinars, and slideshows together into a high-value kit.


5. FAQ Lists.

Compile answers to your customer’s top questions, in a single document, drawing content from your blog archives (if applicable), as well as from other sources. Design the answers into an offer, and you’ll have a wonderful tool for educating prospects, while keeping their interest.


6. Blog Bundles.

Creating an in-depth eBook can sometimes be as simple as packaging several of your best-performing articles into a single document. Alternatively, use your blogs to create a training course that’s emailed daily to newly-converted leads.


7. Customer Testimonials.

Case studies can be a power player in your content marketing strategy, but simple testimonials can do the trick, too. Showcase your satisfied client’s thoughts on your company in a slideshow, eBook, or video, and use the final product for lead generation.


8. Slideshows.

Every PowerPoint presentation at your company has the potential to become a high-performing part of your content strategy. Recast your eBooks in slideshow format, or turn your sales team’s recent presentation into an offer.


9. Review Other Products and Services.

What apps does your CEO have on his phone? What tools does your content team use for curation? There’s a good chance your prospects are wondering about the technology and tactics used to power your business. Provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse and value by reviewing products and services that aren’t in direct competition with your company.


10. Coupons.

Sometimes, the simplest way to catch people’s attention is by offering a discount. Limited-time offers can create the impression of scarcity, allowing you to experience accelerated lead generation while the coupon is available for download.